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About Philadelphia

Philadelphia is known for many things. Being the city of brotherly love, it's many infamous sports teams like the Philadelphia Eagles (football) or the Philadelphia Phillies (baseball), or the Philadelphia Flyers (hockey), and of course the famous Philly cheese steak sandwich! You may have heard about Philadelphians and their cheese steaks, but what about it's restaurants? Philly has hundreds of fantastic eating options ranging from 5 star restaurant down to the food carts making those famous cheese steaks. We're going to look at some of the more fine dining spots Philly has to offer. Some of the most popular restaurants in Philly being Blackfish, Vetri, Bibou, Lacroix and Fish. Each has there strong points and shows the diversity of Philadelphia's palate in its own way.

Black Fish

One of the most upscale Philly dining spots, specializing in whats known as New American cuisine.It's signature dish is a liquid center foie gras terrine with sour cherry, pistachio and toasted brioche. They do however, have a $45 tuesday night prix-fixe dinner special that is a little more affordable to the foodie with less income


Considered to be the top Italian restaurant in Philly. They offer something they call the 9 course grand tasting, a $135 prix-fixe menu, available only on Friday and Saturday nights, that changes weekly. Many foodies say its well worth it to put your choice of food in the hand of Vetri's head chef, Marc Vetri, and let him blow you away with the 9 course grand tasting. They're also known for their spectacular rosemary scented chicken liver ravioli, a favorite among regulars.


A nice little French restaurant in Bella Vista that offers free 3 hour parking in a large comfortable lot next to its restaurant. Run by a husband and wife team of an old french couple, Pierre and Charlotte Calmel, who put love you can taste into each and every dish! They offer a great affordable way to experience French cuisine, with prices ranging from $15 to $30 per meal that make the food all the more enjoyable. Regulars say to try the veal sweetbreads!